Monday, 8 July 2013

Its been a while.

Hi all,i know its been a while,but Hubby had been very sick ,and it took up a lot of time,think things are looking up now :).In between I did manage to craft a little,and have been sewing !!! yep ME and I love it :).Now lets see if I can remember how to post pics here,have a lovely day all,and enjoy the SUN .

Friday, 21 September 2012

OHH DEAR,i havent been on for a long time but will do my very best to add to this over the weekend ,been very busy looking after Mart,and things got on top off me (house work) etc,but Mart is in respite and iv done a Day at the Crafty Articles shop in Strabane ,where some of my craft work is,ohh there are some amazing craft goods there,i  love the people,and the craic in the shop is just great !!!,will be going in next week as well for a couple of hours ,but the weekend is for me :) craft craft craft !!! whoopeee.Have a nice weekend everyone xxx.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

This is my Grandsons Birthday card,he is Twenty now,the pic is on his page so that's why i used it x.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Here is a card i enjoyed making tonight,(its past my bed time),i made it for a Monday Challenge,it is the 1st challenge i have entered ,just to participate is fun,and it has got me out of "off" feeling i had today, don't know what was wrong but i just wasn't right !,feeling good now and off to bed as its way past bedtime 02.36 pm.Ohh and it was such an enjoyable hour that im GOING to DO MORE challenges .Just for the fun ! Have a good night all :)xxxJan.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sympathy cards are something that everyone needs at some time or other,and the same love and care go into making these as any other card,when making these cards it is normally when they are needed,and therefore a lot of prayers for Family etc goes into the cards as well,i like to do black and white but do other combinations too.
These are the 1st Christening cards i have made,and it gave me great Joy to make something that helped make someone elses day,Rhea the mum,chose the stamp that i had it is the OASIS0249c and a favorite of mine.These cards were sent to England,Baby cards are so nice to make !!!