Monday, 27 February 2012

Here is a card i enjoyed making tonight,(its past my bed time),i made it for a Monday Challenge,it is the 1st challenge i have entered ,just to participate is fun,and it has got me out of "off" feeling i had today, don't know what was wrong but i just wasn't right !,feeling good now and off to bed as its way past bedtime 02.36 pm.Ohh and it was such an enjoyable hour that im GOING to DO MORE challenges .Just for the fun ! Have a good night all :)xxxJan.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sympathy cards are something that everyone needs at some time or other,and the same love and care go into making these as any other card,when making these cards it is normally when they are needed,and therefore a lot of prayers for Family etc goes into the cards as well,i like to do black and white but do other combinations too.
These are the 1st Christening cards i have made,and it gave me great Joy to make something that helped make someone elses day,Rhea the mum,chose the stamp that i had it is the OASIS0249c and a favorite of mine.These cards were sent to England,Baby cards are so nice to make !!!

Friday, 17 February 2012

This card was a delight to make ,i really like making cards like this and baby cards too,it was an order for Confirmation from Grandparents to Granddaughter and it was well received, that's why i like making cards so much as it means something to the receiver .Cards make lovely keepsakes too .

Heres a little project i found on a DVD from Crafters Companion ,i didnt know hoew easy it was going to be but with their Ultimate pro  found it very easy,and now my Daughter and Niece have fell in love with it i need to make 4 more,well it is enjoyable to make so im looking forward to a bit of crafting,3 of the ones i need to make need to be thinner as Claire wants to put them in Scrapbooks,so keep watching folks ! and have a nice day :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

This is a bag card that i made for my Friends Blog,her name is Sarah,blog Pigs ear crafting ,the idea was to make cards, craft items with out the machines that not all people have.I wanted to make the bag but hadnt got enough of the card that i wanted to use,well all in one piece anyway,so i cut the template in two pieces,the top flap is held on with double sided tape with ribbon covering the tape,the bow was scrap ribbon that was around a Christmas gift,(pyjamas i think ).I just love making these bags they are so simple and effective.Well i know i havent a lot on here at the mo and need to get my fingers doing what my mind is telling me to do CRAFT CRAFT AND MORE CRAFT,trouble is iv to many ideas !hope you enjoy looking at things iv made, now  to make more xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

See you when i get back !

This card was made for a card theme on animals,and some one had said to me,its so wet here i want to go on holiday,my mind did a ping!!! hence the card, background image is a download from free images ,bear is a stamp.He never did come back(from hols ) lol .

Hello ????????? say Hi back xxx