Wednesday, 15 February 2012

This is a bag card that i made for my Friends Blog,her name is Sarah,blog Pigs ear crafting ,the idea was to make cards, craft items with out the machines that not all people have.I wanted to make the bag but hadnt got enough of the card that i wanted to use,well all in one piece anyway,so i cut the template in two pieces,the top flap is held on with double sided tape with ribbon covering the tape,the bow was scrap ribbon that was around a Christmas gift,(pyjamas i think ).I just love making these bags they are so simple and effective.Well i know i havent a lot on here at the mo and need to get my fingers doing what my mind is telling me to do CRAFT CRAFT AND MORE CRAFT,trouble is iv to many ideas !hope you enjoy looking at things iv made, now  to make more xxx

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